Michael Cadesky, FCPA, FCA, FTIHK, CTA, TEP

Michael Cadesky is a Chartered Accountant based in Toronto, Canada, and is the Managing Partner of Cadesky and Associates LLP, Canadian, US and International Tax Specialists. Michael has practised tax for over 30 years, specializing in Canadian and international income tax matters.

Michael has been actively involved with STEP since 1998, and has served in many capacities including Chair of STEP Canada, and Chair of STEP Worldwide. He currently serves as a Vice-President.

During his 30 years of practice, Michael has been involved in consultations to the Canadian Government on tax policy and tax administration, and served on the Personal Advisory Committee to the Minister of National Revenue. He has also assisted in consultations on tax policy and tax administration to several foreign governments.

Michael has authored or co-authored several books on taxation matters, numerous papers, and is a regular speaker at conferences.

Currently Michael is Chair of the Tax Specialist Group ("TSG"), a network of tax specialist firms in Canada, and the International Tax Specialist Group ("ITSG") a network of tax specialist firms around the world. He is also a member of the Canadian Tax Foundation and served as a Governor. He currently sits on the Board of AOTCA as an Advisor. Other memberships include the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong, the International Fiscal Association, CPA Ontario and CPA Canada.