Appendix VIII: Acknowledgements

Each of the contributing organizations nominated 3 persons to the Editorial Advisory Board, whose task was to advise on the project and review the preliminary report.

From AOTCA, these persons were David Russell (Author), Gil Levy (then President of AOTCA) and Thomas Lee (then Vice-President and subsequently President of AOTCA).

Ian Hayes (Author), Rudolf Reibel (Fiscal and Policy Affairs Officer) and Stephen Coleclough (then President) formed the representatives of the Editorial Advisory Board for CFE. The contribution of CFE was advised by the CFE Professional Affairs Committee chaired by Dick Barmentlo.

Michael Cadesky (Author), David Harvey (Chief Executive) and Michael Young (then Chairman) represented STEP.

This group spoke regularly by conference call and sub-groups met on occasion in person.

Stephen Eaton, then a law student and now a practicing lawyer in Canada, was hired for the summer of 2011 and part time thereafter to assist with the project. He made many valuable contributions, including assistance with developing the survey (see Appendix II) and compiling the chart which correlates the survey results and the Taxpayer Charter provisions (see Chapter 3). In addition, he compiled valuable research on the topic of Taxpayer Rights and Obligations, reviewed the survey results, and assisted in many other aspects.

Elise Kovac, a law student, was hired for the summer of 2015 to assist with the completion of the final report. She contributed in many aspects, particularly in updating the survey results in Appendix II and the chart correlating the survey results with the Charter provisions, creating the snapshot of principles (see Chapter 3) and updating Chapters 3 and 4 to reflect the addition of the 20 principles.

Stéphane Cossettini, an employee of Cadesky and Associates LLP in Toronto, developed the web based applications for the project, including the web site used as a resource by the Authors and Editorial Advisory Board, and the survey which was completed electronically over the web. He also compiled the results of the survey in electronic form and made many other valuable contributions.

Large portions of the report were typed by secretaries at Cadesky and Associates LLP, particularly Nancy Chan, Cindy Yee, Sherry Collins and Veronica Ramsay. Louise Polcaro of STEP Worldwide acted as Consulting Editor for the preliminary report, reading the manuscript in its entirety and making many valuable comments and stylistic changes which improved its readability.

George Hodgson, Director of Policy for STEP Worldwide, provided valuable advice on the project as it developed, drawing upon his expertise in public policy work.

STEP Worldwide, through its office in London, England, acted as the Secretariat for the project, coordinating many of the administrative aspects including commissioning a publisher for the manuscript.

Grace Chow CA, FTIHK, CTA, TEP, a STEP Worldwide Council Member assisted the team in many aspects, including reading and commenting on early drafts of the Model Taxpayer Charter. Richard Pease, a Vice-President of STEP, assisted in a number of ways, particularly in suggesting a methodology for approaching the study.

The survey was completed by volunteers from AOTCA, CFE and STEP numbering well over 100 people in all.  Except where indicated, all of this work was provided on a voluntary basis (i.e. free of charge).